Tracy Satchwill

The YAG house

An animation responding to archival materials

The YAG House was commissioned by North Lincolnshire Museum and funded by the Arts Council. The  project focused on Scunthorpe Youth Centre also known as the YAG House, which was active between 1939 to 2006.  There were some wonderful opportunities for the young in this centre including a weekly disco, pool tournaments and hairdressing lessons. The site specific project connected with an online community that shared their stories and experiences of the centre. These were then recorded by the community and staff of North Lincolnshire Museum and animated using the archival materials available from the centre together with artefacts from the museum. The outcome was a playful animation with scrapbook elements for the museum's temporary exhibition Iron Youth: Sunthorpe's Teenage Stories, which runs from 12th October 2019.

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An site specific animation that responds to archival materials.