Tracy Satchwill

the war is over

A community project

Ipswich and the Armistice project was commissioned by Ipswich Museum and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The community project focused on both the home front and the frontline and was based around the Armistice Day in Ipswich. It explored how local people respond emotionally to the ending of the war in Ipswich at the time and how, today, local people feel about the First World War one hundred years later. The artist-led project engaged with the community through visual and sound workshops, recording conversations, vocalisations and sounds and also worked with other community members to help with research, collating resources and providing dialogue. The outcomes were included in the film together with other materials collated by the artist during the project period. The collage animation also included archival materials and artefacts from Ipswich Museum's collections and from private collections. 

'Tracy embraced this innovative, artist-led, community project with integrity, professionalism and creativity.  From the research and development activity to the positive community engagement and consideration for the broad representation of participants at every stage of the project Tracy demonstrated what creative co-production can achieve for artist collaboration heritage projects.  The results were fantastic with the combination of original source material and participants' voices, and feelings, conveyed sensitively in a highly imaginative and accessible production.'

James Steward, Manager, Ipswich Museum 

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A community project that explored how local people feel about the First World War.  The project included workshops, interviews with locals & a call out for archival materials.