plastic roses

A short film and digital exhibition

Plastic Roses will explore a female dominated dystopian society where there are laws, religion, culture, education and an economy that maintains the perfect beauty equilibrium. The surreal world is visually inviting, but behind the facade of garish colours and fake materials there are persuasive powers conforming women to rigorous procedures and rituals. The film explores social issues around appearance and the desire for perfection looking at contemporary topics on identity, technology and competitiveness. 

The work in progress project will include a film and immersive digital exhibition with a mix of live action shot against green screen, collage animation, stop motion, archival footage and dialogue, and imagery from contemporary magazines and adverts. The exhibition will also feature digital interfaces in which the audience can participate and make commentary. I plan to collaborate with digital artist Will Hurt to explore interfaces in which the audience can become part of the artwork.

The project will combine uncomfortable tactics such as subliminal messaging, disruptions and glitching with exaggerated theatrical and playful processes. There will be an disjointed and eerie soundtrack to be created by Peter Richards.

'There's just one more thing... we need to change the shape of your face and it requires cutting into the jawbone. There's a risk of fatal complications but don't worry it will yield material dividends.'

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 A collage animation, with live action characters, that is based in an aesthetic surreal world.


This is a sequence test exploring the visuals and storyline.