My collections include A World of Tales, Agatha, a life of ladders and snakes, A Ticket to Devon,  The Courtlife of Marie Antoinette, A Melange of Mermaids and Forgotten Women.  Individual artwork includes Working the Red Carpet, Golden Palace and A Sense of Place.  For more information about my collections please visit my Artfinder page.

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My illustrations have been developed for merchandise including greeting cards, cushions, pocket mirrors, notebooks and bags. I have also created editorial illustrations for Devon Life, WI Life Magazine and  North East Life.  I have illustrated and co-published A Mermaid's Melody, which is available to purchase on my Etsy page.  

For more information about my collections please visit my Artfinder or Etsy page.

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Moving Image Services

Check out my commercial and artistic projects for some of the moving image work I have been involved in.

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products & services

Graphic Design


For each project I offer graphic design services ranging from designing DVD covers, posters, social media graphics, brochures and gifs.

Merchandise Design


My illustrations from projects can be adapted to all types of merchandise ranging from cushions, mirrors, bags, notebooks and greeting cards. These can originate from archival materials or artefacts.

Exhibition Design


My designs can be developed on a bigger scale, creating artwork for cutouts, interpretation panels or other uses.



The themes of my artwork range from the life of Agatha Christie, Fairy Tales, Medieval Churches, the Kings and Queens of England and War Evacuees. These have been exhibited internationally including Empire State Building, Science Museum & Somerset House. and are available for future exhibitions. 

The collections are also available to purchase on Artfinder.

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My illustrations are ideal for marketing and interpretation. For moving image projects I can adapt artwork for other uses such as maps and posters.


Some of my illustrations are available to purchase on my Etsy store.

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Book Illustration


My book illustrations can be developed into other designs. The illustrations for A Mermaid's Melody was extended and adapted for merchandise such as mirrors, notebooks, bags, greeting cards and prints. 

The book is available to purchase on my Etsy store.

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