Agatha, a life of ladders and snakes

Mixed media, 2010- 2013

The 12-piece collection retells the life story of the famous crime writer including the continuous nightmares of a gunman, her early years with imaginary friends and a crash resulting in a loss of memory. The collages captures these moments in time, incorporating both the ups and downs of Agatha's life, revolving around a variety of stairs.

The chronological images combine photography, found objects, print and mark making. Models were photographed and costumes, props and scenes were digitally using an array of materials. 

Agatha, a life of ladders and snakes has exhibited at various venues ranging from the famous Art Deco hotel at Burgh Island, the Empire State Building Building, Agatha's home in Greenway and may other solo and group exhibitions and Art Fairs.

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The 12-piece collection is a limited edition of 20 with the larger piece Daydreamer as an edition of 7. All prints are available to buy from Artfinder.



A World of Tales

Mixed media, 2013- 2015

The five piece collection explores the portrayal of women in fairytales. The Secret Ball is based on the story of Cinderella, revealing the silly and outlandish behaviour of the upper class women from the Regency era. Trapped derives from the story of  Rapunzel, symbolising a young girl trapped in a birdcage. An Eternal Dream, which is based on the tale of Sleeping Beauty, focuses on the  character asleep in the Garden of Eden. Sorrow pictures the story of The Snow Maiden, enclosing the young woman in a snow dome who yearns to be with others. The Manacled Mannequins is from the Twelve Dancing Princesses depicting the daughters as dolls trapped and punished on the external wheel of motion.  

The collection plans to grow in the future exploring Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Goldilocks.  

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The five piece collection is a limited edition of 7 and prints are available to purchase from Artfinder.



Other Collections

Other collections include A Ticket to Devon, a series of nostalgic travel posters which captures the spirit of excursion in the early 20th century.  The vintage inspired travel posters depict travellers from the Edwardian era to the 1930’s, taking a stroll around the picturesque towns of South Devon. A Melange of Mermaids is taken from the illustrative book A Mermaid's Melody, which retells the poetic story of a mermaid befriending an oyster. 

The Courtlife of Marie Antoinette, a six-piece collection, depicts the life of the last Queen of France from her time as the focal point to the yearning to be away from the limelight. Forgotten Women is a collection from the same named illustrative book and depicts ten women less known from Alice Perrers, the royal mistress of Edward III, who seduced a senile king to gain property to Mother Shipton, a soothsayer who attracted many people from afar.  

Other pieces includes Working the Red Carpet, an historic depiction of the kings and queens of England within a contemporary setting from Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II. The artwork looks at the obsession with celebrity culture, exploring the relationship between the celebrity and fan as well as revealing the historic relationship between the monarchs. The Golden Palace explores the seven deadly sins of the medieval church, focusing on greed. The Palace is covered in gold, jewels, keys and other ornate objects, questioning the necessities of these luxurious objects for the institution and worship. A Sense of Place explores child evacuees during World War II, reflecting on their adopted homes. 

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The other collections and individual pieces are available to buy from Artfinder. 



Prints and merchandise

Illustrations have been created for greeting cards, cushions, pocket mirrors, prints, notebooks, bags and A Mermaid's Melody. Illustrations from the book have been adapted as prints, mirrors and greeting cards and available to purchase on my Etsy store. 

I have also created editorial illustrations for Devon Life, WI Life Magazine and North East Life and graphic designs for museum and heritage clients.

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Prints and other merchandise can be purchased from my Etsy store.