I Died for Beauty


This video was submitted for The One Minutes, a global network devoted to moving image. The theme is Martians Send Videos Home looking at estrangement. 'I Died for Beauty' looks at the disruption of habitual perceptions of beauty. 

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Plastic Roses


My current research concerns social issues around the growing emphasis on appearance and the desire for perfection. The outcome will be a short film and exhibition. Plastic Roses is set in an aesthetic surreal world and explores a female dominated society where there are laws, religion, education and an economy that maintains the perfect beauty equilibrium. 

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Girls will be Girls


Girls will be Girls combines archival footage from East Anglian Film Archive with other resources. The short film is about girls growing up,  exploring the expectations and behaviours of young women. The dialogue was taken from interviews with four women who retell their girlhood stories and experiences. The film was created for East Anglian Film Archive mash-up competition. 

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Hysterical Females


The original concept of Hysterical Females film was to narrate the story of women’s suffrage and mark the 100th anniversary in 2018. However the majority of us know about the history of suffragettes: the force-feeding, the protests, the breaking of windows, so I wanted to look at it from a different angle, focusing on the core of the problem which was the men’s behaviour towards women. 

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Magna Carta Women


Magna Carta Women is a playful 4-piece collage that captured the journey of British women over the last 800 years since the signing of the Magna Carta. The project was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Royal Holloway University and toured England during 2015. 

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History Does Matter


Why do we bother with history? Here's my reasons why it is important to me as an artist. History does matter.

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