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Commercial & Community Projects

I work with museums, heritage and other organisations to create projects that involve moving image and sound, graphics, illustration and exhibition designs. Clients include Colchester + Ipswich Museums, Wells Maltings Trust, Norwich University of the Arts, WI Life magazine and University College of London.

Some of my projects include working with the community to unlock hidden stories through interviews, call outs and workshops.  These findings are then retold using engaging, entertaining and educational audiovisual practices.


Artistic Projects

I work on artistic projects that explore identity, social history and social behaviour. I am interested in disjointed and nonlinear narratives that evoke a visceral response. My work aims to be playful and theatrical and I like to combine surreal elements.

My current research concerns social issues around the growing emphasis on appearance and the desire for perfection. The outcome will be a short film and an immersive  interactive exhibition entitled Plastic Roses.  I am currently working with digital artist and programmer Will Hurt to create innovative work for the exhibition.


Gallery Artwork

My work has been represented by Cynthia Corbett Gallery and shown across America and England including Somerset House, Guildhall Art Gallery, Old Truman Brewery, Science Museum and Empire State Building. My work has been showcased in Aesthetica Creative Works and AOI Image Directory. In 2018 I was shortlisted for the RSA Moving Pictures Award.

Other Services & products

Graphic Design


For each project I offer graphic design services ranging from designing DVD covers, posters, social media graphics, brochures and gifs.

Exhibition Design


My designs can be developed on a bigger scale, creating artwork for cutouts, interpretation panels or other uses.

Merchandise Design


My illustrations from projects can be adapted to all types of merchandise ranging from cushions, mirrors, bags, notebooks and greeting cards. These can originate from archival materials or artefacts.

Book Illustration


My book illustrations can be developed into other designs. The illustrations for A Mermaid's Melody was extended and adapted for merchandise such as mirrors, notebooks, bags, greeting cards and prints. 

My book can also be purchased on my Etsy store.




My illustrations are ideal for marketing and interpretation. For moving image projects I can adapt artwork for other uses such as maps and posters. 

My illustrations can purchased on my Etsy store.




The themes of my artwork range from the life of Agatha Christie, Fairy Tales, Medieval Churches, the Kings and Queens of England and War Evacuees. These have been exhibited internationally including Empire State Building, Science Museum & Somerset House. and are available for future exhibitions. 

My collections are also available to purchase on Artfinder.


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